Trying to use Apache HTTPClient, but can't

Hey! I’m trying to make a logging plugin that does the logging via sending some stuff using POST requests. So, I’ve selected Apache HTTPClient for that, however, my plugin is generating “NoClassDefFound” exceptions.
I decided to put the needed JAR’s to “mobs” or “libraries” folders, so they would be added to classpath, but it didn’t help. Then I decided to make a fat jar - put the dependencies into my plugin, but it didn’t help either and even after that it still generates "NoClassDefFound"s.
How to get that working? Maybe use a different lib?..

Because its noClassDefFound it means its finding the class but something is preventing it from loading.

MCP blocks mods (and anything a mod loader loads such as plugins) from using some libs. To get around this refactor the libs package to something completely different.

See my reply here:

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I’m new to 1.12 and didn’t know that. It seems easier to use URLConnection or different tools that are already included. Thanks for the answers, guys,