Turtle Grief Fix

Hello, Ya ik this prob doesn’t belong here. But most forums are a bit death. Example:

  • MinecraftForge forums: Don’t like bukkit (I agree with them)
  • Cauldron : Had to less time to get famous
  • Bukkit : Doesn’t like Forge

I think I would reach more people here than.

Oke, So this mod makes sure bukkit (sponge prob to when it ever gets patched to 1.6.4) knows when turtles attempt to break a block. The patch is for minecraft version 1.6.4 what is also the version computercraft targets. I made a patch for CC58(direwolf20) and C63.

You can download it from Github: Releases · thomas15v/TurtleFix · GitHub
(Note: The mod is based on @MazeXD PatchEngine mod)

Maybe an Idea could we make a Mod Development Forum?

1.6.4 is so old now, can’t we move on; beyond that as according to the spongepowered home page they’re not even sure they will support as far back a 1.7.10.

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Sponge is more 1.8 forward…

That said, a lot of the ‘bypass’ that mods have done in the past won’t be as much of an issue IIRC with Sponge. Being as though both Sponge and Mods mostly use Forge, I think there won’t be the issue where the old server software would never see an action as it bypassed it.

Someone with more knowledge can clarify, if they like.

Modpack server will always stay behind. You probably don’t know but their are still lots of people that play on minecraft 1.3.2 for EE2. And if their was a ComputerCraft version for minecraft 1.7.10 I would have patched it as well :smile:.

Doesn’t really matter for me if its going to be available for 1.7 or not. I just patch it to the minecraft version I want it to run on. Will take some time but I am sure I can do it :smile:.

bonne chance @thomas15v

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If it is needed yes.

Is it just me, or is this entire thread self-promotion for an outdated product? ._.

On a side note, @waicool20, we gotta remember to check automationBlock griefing for SIP.

Ok, your only problem is that you didn’t categorize your topic properly :stuck_out_tongue: .


I didn’t read your whole post at first. You want a mod development forum? That might be arranged later. For now, I dropped it into General Discussion. We’ll have to see moving forward what the best approach will be.

Yup I’ll make sure the machines don’t get exploited

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Not really, I just love to use turtles on servers :smile:. Also I made this patch yesterday and not months ago.