Two new playlist tracks for Sponge Plugin setup


I’m starting two new tracks on the YT channel for addressing administrative issues with respect to using Sponge.

I’ve been building areas for collecting video tutorials on SpongePowered.

A word of thanks to @Memust for helping me sort out the pro/con of video production and to the users on IRC #sponge who provide great questions. Keep them coming.

Existing YT areas

One is the “get IntelliJ IDEA setup”, the other is “IntelliJ for SpongeVanilla” (a virtual clone, but updated for new version of IntelliJ and Sponge)
Another area is the tutorials for Contributing to Sponge (Github/ git usage and Pull Requests)

New YT areas for expansion

I’m expanding two new areas:

The first is laying foundation for setting up MySQL.

The other track is to accumulate tutorials for setting up Sponge Plugins. It’ll keep growing. The plan is to go into Grief Prevention and document that Sponge Plugin completely.

The first is the foundation for Grief Prevention by showing how to get Luckperms (a prerequisite) configured.

Comments and questions – just post them there or here. Thanks.

To documentation managers of Sponge, suggest plugins and issues that I should cover if you think we have a gap.

On my list is:

Sponge Plugin Use

GriefPrevention (setup, user commands, admin commands, and flag settings)
Nucleus (setup, permission nodes)

Sponge Plugin Development

Basic plugins
Messages and Text
Config files
Database access
items and Blocks

Sponge Overview

Difference between Sponge plugins, Forge mods, and Hybrid (PlugMods)
Where to get Sponge(Vanilla or Forge)
Startup scripting
General server setup