Two OnePlus One invites given away

I have two spare OnePlus One invites I’m not using, so I decided to give them away!

Invite 1:
Invite 2:

Get them quickly! There is only 16 hours remaining. Enjoy your One :slight_smile:

Too late…
But nice idea! How is your OPO?

My friend has one, not impressed it broke in 3 days.

It’s pretty awesome so far - Had it for about a month now.

I am waiting for the preorder system late october or the new nexus ;D

Sooo… You were just like. Meh just giving like 400$ to you guys! AWESOME! :open_mouth:

Nah, those were just the invites. The OPO is worth $350 and the way to get it is via an invite.

Ahh, that explains alot.

Next time you make an extremely off topic post like this, categorize it as off topic.