Ultimate World Guard vs UniverseGuard vs FoxGuard

As the title says…

Which one do you prefer and why?
On Spigot WorldGuards dominates but I really don’t know which plugin I should use for Sponge (1.10.2).

FoxGuard hands down.

It’s innovative in it’s approach to separating Handlers from Regions, and I’ve personally seen first hand on the Sponge Community Server how well it protects regions.

The others I havn’t used.

GriefPrevention covers a lot of the same ground too, and is more configurable. I still prefer FoxGuard for admin regions, it’s just easier to set up. YMMV.

i use UniverseGuard the only sad thing is WorldGuard could be used with worldedit universe guard uses a stick to select both oposite corners and there is no //expand vert command so you have to dig to bedrock and use /up to exceed the build heigt limit to protect your whole spawn

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That function is already in development, don’t worry :wink: