Ultra Ban Hammer


Hey sponge plugin devs, I am looking for a plugin which enables staff of servers to ban and check-bans etc of players,

i know there is a vanilla way which saves it in a text file but it would be a lot easier to just check it trough the game itself, feel free to add some custom features to it :smiley: just make sure they are usefull


Based on your text, im guessing you will be fine for a plugin that just read and displayed the banned users from a command?


so what i’d love to see is for example ben is griefing even though it should not be possible, the user who has the correct permission node can do

/banhammer player reason ban time nearly the same thing as what creepersedge is using on saicopvp

some other features i’d like to see

  1. Check if user has logged on with another account from the same ip
  2. Possibility to check if the user has had bans on his alt accounts


Im sure nucleus does most of that. You can use /tempban to specify a time. There is also a command to check if a player has been banned. And im also pretty sure you can make nucleus ban the ip as well as the user. The only thing its missing is checking alt account, however alt accounts are normally only possible to detect if known before, or the account is connecting from a banned ip … Which nucleus would block


ok just checked the nucleus ban thingy, but if i do /checkban the reason doesn’t seem to be specified

ok finally figured it out, now its just the ip checking part :confused: