Unable to get Sponge to work?

I followed the documentation, running Spongeforge, and have a player particle effect plugin installed, but Sponge doesn’t seem to be loading the plugin. Tried it in /mods/plugins and /mods, but still nothing. It’s a FTB Continuum server if it matters.

What versions of everything are you using? Would you be able to post your logs (via a service such as gist.github.com)?

~ Alice

What is the name of the spongeforge file, and where did you put the spongeforge file?

My host doesn’t allow access to forge. It’s a one click thing to use the latest spongeforge.

I can’t find any traces of Sponge in your logs. Check whether Sponge is installed by typing the command /sponge in game. If this command is not recognized then Sponge is not installed and you should contact your host’s support.

That’s the issue. It isn’t working. Spongeforge is installed correctly, from others that use the same host, but zero commands work. I don’t have host support since it was a mega difference in price for the semi rare need of the service.

Well, Sponge is working now… but plugins aren’t. I placed one in the mods folder, just player particle effects for testing. Using its commands just gets me an unknown command.

What host are you using?

You really need to provide a bit more information for people to help you, as we’re all guessing here. We need to know things like the exact versions of Forge, Java and Sponge that you are using, some details of the mod pack (if any), and the plugins. Including a link to your latest server log files on gist or similar also helps.

I recommend having a look at the bug reporting guidelines on SpongeDocs if you haven’t already done so.

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Plugins used were removed. Moved onto setting up another plugin. Thread can be closed or removed or ignored or whatever. Thanks for the help. Not being sarcastic either. Surprised at the quick replies, I just quit bothering with them as the plugins were insignificant to the goal of the server. I’ll create a new thread for the one I’m trying to configure.