Unable to Login (2 Factor Auth)


Hi. I’m trying to login to my account (Username: Kepler), but I’m getting stuck at two factor authentication. I tried contacting the support email (sysops@spongepowered.org) about a month ago, but haven’t received a response.

After submitting my username and password on the login page, I’m brought to the 2 factor authentication page and asked for a 6 digit authentication code. The trouble is that I don’t know where to get the code from (email, mobile, google authenticator, etc.).

If anyone could provide guidance with either finding the code, or disabling 2 factor authentication, it would be much appreciated. Thank you :slight_smile:


Fixed it for you, please do be careful about adding 2 factor authentication as it does require a lot of effort to disable it. You should be able to log in now and re-add it.


Thanks for the assistance! It means a lot.