[Under debate] Primarch - Semi automation of promotions

This is a bit of an idea I came up with for a future plugin, currently its just an idea, and is only likely to be made on one server for now (as a test to see how well the system works).

The basic idea of the plugin, as the title suggests, is to add a form of automation to the ranking system, which will allow a servers staff members to focus on other things. The original idea was inspired by the automatic ranking system that’s here on the forums.

  • How will it work?

Each player is assigned a set of values based on activity, how many messages are sent, how much the player is liked by the community, etc. The values can be edited per rank (or possibly disabled if not wanted). There will also be a system for determining the way the plugin behaves based on ranking.

If a rank has a level of 0, the rank cannot be auto promoted to.

If the level is 1, the rank can be auto promoted to when a user meets the requirements.

If the level is 2, then players will be added to a list for staff to review, if all conditions are met.

If the level is 3, the rank will allow the community to vote a player into a list for review, once the proper conditions are met.

I don’t really have much else on the plugin so far, so if you guys have ideas let me know. :smile:

Keep in mind this isn’t a perfect solution for rank automation, and there likely isn’t one. This is simply an idea to help take a bit of pressure off the backs of server admins and mods.

Also a little fact about the name of the plugin: The name of the plugin was inspired by the Primarch system, or the rumored “level 8 of the internet”. Which automatically sends commands out to the entire web and pretty much runs the whole internet. No one has access to it and the commands that are sent out cannot be edited.

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I’ve actually considered doing something like this in the past. Some ideas I had were being able to check for days online, time online/active, type of language used in chat (frequency of swear words perhaps), testing for command usage, or certain interactions with the world (ex: player has to place x blocks)

I would think you’d want to make it very modular so that an admin can pick and choose what things they want to use for their system. For example:

  level: 1
  command: rules
  level: 1
  daysonline: 5
  timeonline: 12h
  blocksbroken: 250
  level: 0

Let me know if you’d like any help implementing this plugin when you get to that point, I’d be glad to help out.

That is YAML. We use HOCON :smile:

Have you checked out the Bukkit plugin OnTime?

I’ve never heard of that plugin actually.

I looked at some of the things OnTime has, some of those might be good ideas to keep track of.

I was just showing a basic structure. It can be implemented using HOCON or custom config files if you want something more complex.

Neat ^^<ghkljiokiplüöüä>

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I would like to help you. All I want is some kind of “Regular” rank with some extra permissions, for players

  • who played on the server for 50 hours (excluding AFK time)
  • modified at least 10000 blocks
  • sent at least 500 chat messages

we can probably consider something like a temporary rank for people who meet the conditions needed, although we aren’t really going to bring in anyone to help right now, as this idea is still being considered. If we do go forward with it however, feel free to contribute to the code base. :slight_smile:

Your idea is great too! :smile:

Who’s that? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Right now, its basically either you or doc. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I’m in then, I guess :stuck_out_tongue: