Unexpected World Change Detected?!?


If anyone can help me with this spam it will be much appreciated.
using spongeforge-1.10.2-2477-5.2.0-BETA-2793 i get this all the time.
Tried to investigate… and found that it appears when i move fast thru the world ( generated chunks ) with a jetpack, slimesling from TC or just creative flying. If you need more info i will happily provide it.


next one with 1.10.2…
check @gabizou’s opinion about this mc version here Sponge wont work on 1.10.2 server


wow such helpful solution much appriciated.
first off why is 1.10.x no longer supported when it’s unfinished. Secondly i would love to migrate my modpack full of 150+ mods to 1.12.x IF all of them were available for 1.12 (if you are so kind to suggest migrating to 1.12 like its easy af go and update the mods to 1.12 so i can do it… oh you have no clue how? welp at last you can be more polite with the “next one” or just stop responding at all because you are useless) and third (you probably don’t even need this information because clearly you are not very smart) in my case atleast my java is latest version.


Wait, did you actually read what he said? Apparently you haven’t, the guy is asking if anyone can help him solve the issue. Of course he would want to update but when essential mods are not updated how is it supposed to happen. It basically can’t. Or he would lose all the progress he has made. And in the feature please read the post then type comments that are completely unrelated to the question. And again it is completely unhelpful to tell people to just update. And last when you don’t know what to say just don’t say anything.


This issue is cause by the phase tracker, it was a new thing back in version 5.2.
It has since been fixed in newer versions of forge… It was not backdated due to the team determining it was unreasonable to try to update all versions with the various fixes.

You can try updating/downgrading your version of Sponge a couple of minor versions (still using 1.10.2/API 5.2), however there is no guarantee that that will work.

Please remember that Sponge 5.2 is marked as BETA for a reason, things may break between versions, and old versions will not get updated.

There is not much else that you can do to fix this issue, this system is embedded deep within Sponge, and simply not something that can easily be fixed by another plugin or something.