Universal Market V1.3 [1.10.2/1.12.2]


A MySQL/SQLite based Item Market system powered by Sponge. Intended to replace Global Market from Bukkit/Spigot


Built on API 5.2.0 and API 7.1.0


View the source code at My Github or download under Releases


All Universal Market commands can be use as /um or /universalmarket

Open Market

/um open, /um o, /um

Add to Market

/um add, /um a
/um add (price)
/um add (price) (<optional>amount)

The Market


Market Item


Market Config


com.xwaffle.universalmarket.open - Permission to open the Universal Market.

com.xwaffle.universalmarket.add - Permission to add items to the Universal Market.

com.xwaffle.universalmarket.remove - Permission to remove a players item from being listed in the Universal Market.

If the config option use-permission-to-sell is equal to true

*Note When enabled, be sure to set the total-items-player-can-sell config option to be higher than the highest permission node you give out.

com.xwaffle.universalmarket.addmax.## - Sets the amount of items a user may sell in the Universal Market.

EX: com.xwaffle.universalmarket.addmax.5, this will allow the user to sell 5 items at a time in the Universal Market.



Very nice, works great!

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This says 1.10.2/1.12.2, so i’m assuming work on both API 5 & 7?

Sorry for the vagueness, to be clear it was built originally on API 5.2.0, and is now on API 7.1.0

I wanted to translate your plugin into Russian, but after compilation it refuses to work. I suspect that the problem is in imports.
To compile, I use Eclipse because the compiler that you provided reports an error.
Could you tell me which libraries I should use to compile the plugin?

I’ll make a config option that’ll allow people to customize the Messages that get displayed to all users. I’m not using any specific libraries to compile, possibly SpongeForge? As I use the NBTTagCompound class to store data in ItemStacks.

That’s it with this class that I have a problem after compiling. Eclipse requires for him a libraries from both Sponges and Forge. I tried to use several libraries that contain this class, including Sponge and SpongeForge.
In this case, if I add the Forge library, then Eclipse says that the import from Sponge is not needed. But if I remove the Sponge library, then it’s impossible to compile because of this same class. I tried to compile through gradlew, but he swears on the same class.
Unfortunately the compiled plugin can not be translated completely, the InClassTranslator program does not open some classes.

need the option to broadcast when someone adds a item to the market.

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You got it :slight_smile:

I solved my problem, everything works.

it appears that your plugin doesn’t work with latest spongeforge 1.10.2

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I’m using it successfully on spongeforge 1.10.2-2477-5.2.0-BETA-2731 - maybe that’ll help track down the issue…?

OK,well,I’ll try to see what caused the problem

I can’t seem to buy anything in 1.10.2…

Sorry for no updates, University has been keeping me quite busy lately. If you look at my Github, it says which spongeforge I built the plugin off of.




any new updates coming?

Pretty big bug, if you have, for example, 1 bone, and do /um add 100 1000, it will add 1000 bones into the Market. You can buy them and use them, it’s not just a visual glitch or anything.

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I wish you can make a language file. We can interpret this plugins~ :grinning:

For some reason I can’t seem to get mysql to function properly, I set all the settings in the config to the right values, including the database name, but it doesn’t create any new tables.

Actually the plugin seems to be ignoring the config file alltogether.