Universe Guard 2: an easy to use world protection plugin


Hi, I’m trying to set up permissions for this plugin for my server but i can’t seem to find them.

Does this plugin have Permissions?


Hey, it’s me once again :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry but I have an issue when i’m trying to sell my region, I tried /rg sell, /sell region, /region sell… I’m on 1.12.2 but the command doesn’t appear anywhere, and no errors in my logs.

Can I ask u at the same time for which date is the addition of the addon for selling regions with signs etc ?

Thank’s in advance, and sorry for taking ur time !


Right now there are only 2 permissions you can set (“universeguard.region” and “universeguard.all”). Unfortunately these two are not extremely useful, they just defines if a player can use all commands or some specific commands and bypass region restrictions. However a new version of the plugin is in development with a proper permission system where you can define wich permission the user must have in order to run a command or doing something, so you can have something like this: only players with the “VIP” permission can enter this specific region, the others won’t.
Answering @D3stiny’s question too here: no clue when this will be released because the plugin itself is going through a complete refactoring in order to make new things works properly (like the permissions system). For the command try with “/rg setvalue”


Hi, i’m back again, sorry to annoying you but i need some help :smile:

I have CustomNPC in my server and NPC with worldline and attackline, which send text in chat when standing near or attacking an NPC. Problem is theses text appears for everyone on the server while it should be only for people near the npc. The problem only happen when Universe Guard is present, so i think it come from here but i didn’t find anything to correct it :confused:

Do you have any idea about it ?


I have the same bug, it appears to persist even with UniverseGuard2 removed. not entirely sure this plugin is the source of the bug.


Thanks for the feedback, i’m happy to see i’m not the only one who have this issue. For now, this bug isn’t persistent on my server when i remove UG2, so maybe it’s something more general with sponge and CNPC ? :confused: Do you have others plugin on your server ?


I have quite a few plugins on my server, I thought i had UG removed but perhaps i did not.


Okai, i’ll test some things during next few days, if i find something i’ll post my feedbacks


Plugin list is here if it helps you: