Universe Guard 2: an easy to use world protection plugin


UniverseGuard is an easy to use world protection plugin that will help you protect some ares of your Minecraft server world using an intuitive commands system. This is the “sequel” to the original UniverseGuard plugin. The goal is to have something similar to WorldGuard (the popular protection plugin for Bukkit) in Sponge. Of course a lot of work has to be done to reach that level but i think you might help me improving the plugin :smiley:


  • Regions: you can define a Local Region to protect a portion of your world or use the pre-generated Global Region to protect an entire dimension. Each Region is saved on the server as JSON files, so you can easy edit them if you want to.
  • Flags: each Region has its own flags that can be set using simple commands.
  • Permissions: you can define wich plugin commands users can do by setting specific permissions. For handling permissions you can use any permissions plugin you want. If you find a bug with a permission plugin please let me know via GitHub or in the comments section below
  • Translations: each message diplayed by the plugin can be changed to be translated in your language or to be displayed however you want :slight_smile:


As i mentioned before this is the “sequel” to Universe Guard. If you want to convert the old regions to the new ones, than you must follow the Converting old Regions guide on the Wiki


UniverseGuard has been build using the version 6.0.0 of SpongeAPI and has been tested on Minecraft 1.10.2. A new version, built using API7, is also available for Minecraft 1.12.2. The plugin could potentially work on previous version of the game, but any problem related to one of these version will not be supported.
If you find an issue with the plugin in any of the supported version (1.10.2 and 1.12.2) please let me know using the Issues Tracker or the comments section below.


If you want to know everything about Universe Guard and how it works you can check the Official Wiki on GitHub. This will be constantly updated when new features will be introduced.


You can know how to create your first Region by checking the Local Region page on the Wiki


You can download the latest version of Universe Guard 2 for Minecraft 1.10.2 here: http://bit.ly/2NQ8zvv

You can also download it for Minecraft 1.12.2 by following this link: http://bit.ly/2CY0CSQ


You can find latest releases on Sponge Ore by following this link: https://ore.spongepowered.org/Francesco_Jimi/Universe-Guard/versions


As mentioned before a there is still a lot of work to do. You can suggest how to improve the plugin or request some features in the comments section below or via PM if you want to :slight_smile: At the time these are the next things to do:

  • Improving permissions: creating a more in-depth permissions system to allow or restrict access to specific actions or commands
  • More flags: of course more flags equals more customization, so in the near future you will get the ability to control more events
  • Custom flags: this is the biggest one, the ability to customize flags or even define your own! With this there will truly be no limits on what you can do
  • DB integration: right now Regions are saved as JSON files on the server. The goal is to have, at some point, the ability to store Regions on a Database hosted on a server if you don’t want to save additional file on your Minecraft server
  • Bug Fixes: i think this will be here forever :sweat_smile: as human all of the code i write is not perfect and could be affected by some bugs. If you find any bug or something that is not working as intended please let me know using the Issues Tracker on GitHub. If i don’t know there is a bug, than i can’t fix it :confused:


UniverseGuard is an Open Source project released under the GNU General Public License v3.0, meaning that is free to use and share. You cand find the source code of Universe Guard by visiting the Official Github Repository


Creating a plugin is a fun thing and i’m very pleased to see other people appreciate my work. It’s really rewarding. I will never, NEVER, ask you to pay for something i made and i love to make, but if you want to show some support and give more motivation than i already have feel free to share with me a coffee :slight_smile: https://www.paypal.me/JimiIT92

Let me know what you think about the plugin, how to improve it or if there is any problem. Have a nice day, peace! :smiley:


Does it support API 7?

API 7 are still experimental so until a stable release it can’t be an official support. But will be testing out if using the latest build of API 7 everything works fine :wink:

Not work on SpongeForge 1.12.2. Latest build.

Thank you for the report. Will be fixed with the next version :wink:

Hello there it seems that enderchests cant be accessed inside regions along with piston access ?

API7 has had most of the large changes made already, I suggest at least having a branch of your plugin tracking API7 if you want to get a speedy release once it’s finalized.

The main plugin for the private area, which I use GriefPrevention. But in it I can not turn off the damage from falling and from mobs, for this I need another plugin for spawn. Your plugin should be suitable for this.

Sorry for my English. I used google translate.

Thank you for the tip, will do that very soon :slight_smile:

Is the enderchests flag se to true in that region?

I don’t know why but my server runs behind when I add regions why is that, the enderchests are set to true in that region, and I though it was waterflow lava flow at one point but idk what else

Sounds strange, will look into the issue soon :wink:

I was disappointed. I expect in ver.2 will update flag more important, but the result is nothing new and also lost a few flags earlier version.

The only flags removed are the flags that wasn’t implemented, such as grass grow or lightning. Also some generic flags, like “build” or “use” are now splitted into more specific flags (build has been splitted into place and destroy, use now allows you to block interaction with specific blocks and more customization on this will come soon). Consider that the main reason i wrote a new plugin is because i didn’t like how i created the old one, you can check the source the to see that it was very bug-sensitive since it uses reflection to do most of the things, wich is something that shouldn’t happen. Other that that of course i want to improve the existing features and that’s why some flags are splitted or some commands have changed. So please explain what exactly are you missing from the old plugin and i will implement it into the new one. :slight_smile:

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I don’t know if it was in the old one, but interacting with signs is what I need. I’m using AdminShop by HassanS6000 but it only works outside the region.

Sign interaction (and other blocks like doors) was in the old plugin under the “use” flag. The problem is that setting that flag prevents interactions with ALL blocks. Interactions with signs and doors will be blocked in the next update (wich will come soon) so stay tuned :wink:

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I’ve looked into the issue and everything works fine. The only thing i think is that the enderchests is a local flag. This means that if it’s set to true only region members can access enderchests, non members players won’t access them even if the flag is set to true. Let me know if this flag should be changed to be global, meaning that is it’s true everyone can access enderchests even in regions, or it’s fine like it is right now :wink:


Download it here > https://goo.gl/Pdx6DG


  • Waterflow flag set to false now doesn’t empty water buckets when used.
  • Waterflow flag set to false now doesn’t “break” water blocks when a bucket is used on them (still returns a water bucket in inventory)
  • Lavaflow flag set to false now doesn’t empty lava buckets when used.
  • Lavaflow flag set to false now doesn’t “break” lava blocks when a bucket is used on them (still returns a lava bucket in inventory)
  • Changed how waterflow, lavaflow and otherliquidsflow flags are handled (experimental, should be more stable now)
  • Added interacts for doors, signs, fence gates and trapdoors
  • Fixed a bug where the plugin says it found old regions when the “old” folder didn’t exists

I’m also working on an API7 version of the plugin, so new versions like 1.12.2 will be supported :wink: Hope you guys enjoy it, as usual let me know if you find some bugs or have some suggestions. Peace! :smiley:


nevermind… I’m an idiot…

thanks a lot Francesco_Jimi to works on 1.12.2 version <3

We really need it !

good job ! :slight_smile:

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