Unknown - Hide Commands!

Ever want a plugin to hide commands from your players?

Planned Command:
/unknown (Unknown command. Type “/help” for help.)

Set alias’s for commands like
/plugins ( Make it to do /unknown so they see ‘Unknown command. Type “/help” for help.’ )

License: GNU Affero GPL v3.0

NOTE: This is my first plugin.

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Sounds practical. GOGOGO!


:smiley: Thanks!
If anyone wants to help as this is my first plugin i will have a github repo setup shortly.

I’ll help`````` don’t forget ` makes it so you can post short things

see no problem!

im confused

` bypasses the character limit

’ hi


If you would like i could help or add on to it currently im only working on my project ServerCore but i will help also if it is ok to add a optional dependency for more features in my plugin? becouse i could in bukkit and it lets me use more features

im accually asking everyone can i add a optional dependency still?

PM’d you my skype, we can chat on skype.

Are you asking so like if the person has plugin ‘ServerCore’ my plugin has more features designated by you?
If yes, i dont need that this is planned to be a single-plugin. But my other plugin (Lightning) yes.