[Unofficial] Read Before Posting

Because there are quite a bit of useless/repeating post i’ve decided to create a post to help everyone and everything out.

#FAQ & Relevant
Well before you decide to post a thread use the search engine and please read the FAQ it has alot of useful information and awnsers about all the questions for Sponge. You can also take a look at “Common misconceptions about Sponge (and relevant)” which has like the title states alot of misconceptions about Sponge (or relevant). Also for people who would like to take a look at what’s finished you can find the GitHub here.

#Forum Guidelines
You can find the “Forum Guidelines” here. Its basically the exact same as the FAQ but you can get a badge for it if you visit it. For the people who don’t know what a “Badge” is, a badge is an award/trophy you can earn by doing something. For instance if you read the Guidelines you can earn an badge and it will be shown at your profile when you click on Badges. You can find a list of all the badges here.

#Non-Written Forum Rules
Well non-written forum rules are acctually the rules which just aren’t written anywhere. For instance you are not allowed to swear or post offensive pictures, you are not allowed to swear through a private message in any way. This includes swearing like swer wod. Also you are not allowed to post dog pictures (According to @mbaxter).

#Common Created Topics
There are several suspects being post frequently. For instance there are already about 5 posts about what the release date is. Please do not create any of those topics because they tend to be hated/locked. If you still don’t understand what I mean here is a list of what you shouldn’t post. Like I already said no “Release Date” posts. “Thank You” posts are fine to a certain point after that people flag it as spam. Lastly there are those “Sponge VS API” posts these are fine. But people tend to hate posts about super small API’s.

#Categorize Your Posts
The Sponge SysDevs have created certain categories to order the forums a bit more. Please put your topic in the correct category. There are posts created about what to post in a certain category if you want to take a look at them click on an category and find the “About the *** category” topic. This will help you out.

#Community Created Posts and Threads
There are quite a few community created posts and threads to help people out you can the most interesting one’s here. Why did you put this here, you ask? Well most people tend to recreate/re-ask questions covered in those posts.

This post has been based on this thread. He wanted one? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yours sincerely,
Marijn van Wezel


Stealing ideas, yeah?
Alright, credit given.

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Not really stealing. Creating for him, updated the thread he is now notified. Thank you for your feedback.

Great post easy read I had some thing simular but I think yours is better.

Thanks for giving credit to @OffLuffy :blush:

Most probably just a joke, considering he’s a catlover :smile:

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I know it is a joke. :stuck_out_tongue: I love to put small easter-eggs in my threads.

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Ya might can link to this as well:

He covered a lot of Community created resources, but it’s a bit lengthy is all.

I kinda did. I linked to a thread by me with alot of useful links including the update.

I what.

pls no :frowning:

FIrst, nobody can really moderate PMs, soo… also, what is wrong with dog pictures? FFS… >_> Non-written doesn’t mean go all-out.

I wanted to make it clear that this isn’t an official post. There are no rules against “swearing” or any other form of censorship. Hell I cuss like a sailor on a regular basis. The actual rules state not to be overly excessive or vulgar.

This post does have some good information, but it also repeats information found in other posts. Grammar is poor, and it wasn’t corrected for many spelling errors.

If someone wants to take a better crack at this with better information, I will pin it globally.


Any new topic like this would have to be designed to stand the test of time. It can’t have references to non-pinned posts like: There are already 5 posts asking what the eta is. This won’t make sense after there is a release candidate.


I’m fairly certain @xxmarijnw isn’t from the States, or any area with English as the native language, so I get the grammatical issues, and some misconceptions they have about the rules that have been stated.

I’ve created a v2, which hopefully is a bit clearer. I’m sure you’ve already been pinged by it, @DarkArcana , as I mentioned you, but here’s a link anyways

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This is indeed correct. Sorry for my ‘bad’ English.

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