Unofficial Sponge community server

Hey, I had a spare server to use, so I thought, why not make it a Sponge community server? Here are the details:

Server software: Spigot #1649 (Patched)
Plugins: PermissionsEX, AsyncWorldEdit, WorldEdit, LagMeter, Itemizer, MChat, CommandBook, WorldGuard & Multiverse-Core
Slots: 36
Gamemode: Survival PvE
MC Version: 1.7.10, although thanks to Spigot’s protocol hack it works on all 1.7 versions AND 1.8. No 1.8 features yet!

We don’t have any staff yet, but that isn’t important right now. Have fun!

If you’re staff on the forums and want to be part of the server, please post your IGN here so I can make you a moderator.


The_Doctors_Life I can talk with you about 1.8 features on that server, just add me on skype: The_Doctors_Life

Or you could just post here

:stuck_out_tongue: @disconsented

i played for a while it was quite good!

Hey mste1 im on the server with you

@Herobrine the fix dosen’t work mine craft requires Netty now

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