[Unreleased][N/A] ChestKeeper

Chest Keeper by Modwiz Software

A simple chest locking plugin for Sponge

What it does

Simply protect chests by right clicking them with a sign, the sign will register the chest. The name typed into the sign editor will be used as the alias of the owner of the chest. So you can put a faction name, group name, favorite food, FLARD, etc… The chest will be locked only to the person placing the sign by default, the name has no effect on the protection itself.

Users will be able to create groups of players with defined access to certain chests, such as view, take, put, destroy, rename and any combination of those flags. The groups can then be tied to chests in a region, chests specifically added to the group, or they can be marked to be added by default for any placed chest.

Chests also have public access flags that can be set per group, per region or per chest, along with a default configuration that can be set by individual users.

All of the default permission flags are configured through standard sponge permissions, this allows easy access compartmentalization. So you can allow mods to view, but not edit chests or destroy them. Permission nodes will also define what flags can be set by each user. Plugins will also be given an API to add custom flags and hook into the plugin to allow more unique flags to be created for special configurations. One example might be a infinite supply flag for instance, where the permission to set the flag should probably not be given to any player.

Other planned features include:

  1. Admin defined wilderness zones, where no chests can be placed. Would be configurable to allow inverted (aka. only use in town, but in the rest of the world disallow) configurations.
  2. Integration with WorldGuard,GriefPrevention, and other protection frameworks to allow smooth cooperation.
  3. Highly advanced partitioning of access i.e. food, cooked food, specific foods, items, tools, blocks, etc.
  4. Cooldowns/item limits, i.e. guests can get some free stuff but cannot empty the chest. Suggested by @ryantheleach

More features may be planned but too exciting and risky to announce

Where can I get it?

I’m gauging the hype for the idea while I work on the code since it’s a large project. So hopefully the answer is soon for feature incomplete alphas.

Note: This is not an official SpongePowered project and is entirely owned and developed by Modwiz Software. Contact Modwiz Software or modwizcode for support, development or any other questions about Chest Keeper or our other offerings.


This sounds really really cool modwiz. One feature I would love to see, would be to limit the amounts / cooldown what can be taken out of a chest, so you could give free access to guests to take food, but they couldn’t empty the entire chest contents.

Sounds like a good feature. I’ll put it on the list.