**Update** Sponge Plugin Competition 2

I don’t plan to participate in this competition.

To be honest, I’m kinda confused at why everyone is getting so annoyed at not being able to use these languages… It’s a competition, the rules are set and that’s that. I have to say, looking back on code that I have written in other JVM languages, none of them are very easy to read for other people.

Take Kotlin for example, you don’t need to declare what a variables type is if it’s inferable… Or what about operator overloads? Do you expect the judges to really want to have to take the time to figure out all the information and crazy usages that people come up with?

I think the rules stated fairly clearly what was allowed. My only reason for asking the last question was because I was wondering if side loading scripts for the plugin was allowed.


The rules have been set. If you do not like the rules, then you do not have to compete. This was not an issue at the last competition. End of discussion.


And what exactly are those mysterious games?

No. Whole category is closed from making new topics. Unless you have to have Developer badge to make topics?

Nope, developer are Sponge staff. Normal users are supposed to post there, not only staff. Then the category isn’t open yet…

The list of games has not been finalized.

As for the submission category. That should be open shortly.

I opened the category for posting.


I want to port my plugin, RottenFood, but aside, I wrote the Sponge port of BuycraftX. Does that count? What if the code is good but since inventories are not yet implemented it doesn’t really work fully?

So long as it qualifies under one of the conditions from above then you’re golden. As for the inventory part, there is always NMS. :slight_smile: We’ll judge plugins as-is when submissions are over.

But will “As-Is” count if a major component works in theory but can’t function due to implementation? And this meets d.) A plugin that is a port from another project (Forge, Bukkit, Canary, etc)., but it is popular and has a huge user-base on the original.

As long as it meats one of the criteria (a, b, c, or d) it will be allowed. That is why it says one of the following. :slightly_smiling:

As for the functionality. As I said, you can use NMS to reach your desired results if the API hasn’t reached the point of where it meets all your needs. We know there are still some parts of the API that need additions/improvements and this is why we permitted NMS in the contests.

I think I’ll submit RottenFood because I do not want to mess with NMS right now.

Could I create a topic for my plugin in WIP Plugins right now (or within the next few days)?
Would still fall into category a or b right?

Just wanna be sure so I don’t accidentally kick myself out of the competition by doing that ^^

It’d need to be added to the submissions category. Those are that in the submissions category when the contest is over will be moved to either WIP or Release afterwards.

If your plugin qualifies as it stands and needs to be moved to the submission category then please flag the thread requesting this. :slightly_smiling:

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Okay, thanks for the info ^^

How should my parent “sign” the topic?

Speaking of the age requirement, WHY is this legally necessary?

I would assume because M or A rated games (the prize for the competition) are only 17+ or 18+, respectively. There would be some issues with giving underage people games rated as such without parental consent.


Would it be possible to allow minors to enter, but require a parent siginature only for collecting M/A games? For example, if Train Simulator 2016 happens to be an option (E rating).

Setting the bar to 17+ for the age requirement means we don’t really have to worry about any legal issues to giving games away rated anywhere from E to M. While I know this isn’t something a lot would like to see, please try to understand our perspective on the matter.

When you enter our competition you are agreeing that you are of age 17 or older. If you are not and any legal issues result from said entry then we are covered since it was the requirement for our competition.

We add the ability for permission from a parent/guardian to allow those that want to enter the ability to enter. Your parent/guardian giving us permission is the same as saying “We’re fine with this person potentially getting a M-rated game”.

We will take any feedback given in to consideration for future competitions. However, for now the age requirement will not be changing.