**Update** Sponge Plugin Competition 2

The winners have been chosen!

As announced on the State of Sponge X stream the winners are…

Thank you to everyone who participated in the competition and we hope to see you again in future ones!


Can my plugin use another existing plugin as a library?

[quote=“Grinch, post:1, topic:11370”]Must be a plugin for SpongeAPI (NMS and dependencies are allowed but it should be primarily SpongeAPI).[/quote] Libraries count as dependencies.

Could it be a plugin that I’ve been working on for the past 2 days? I haven’t posted it for download yet, and it certainly doesn’t have a user-base… In fact, it’s not quite finished yet…

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I’d say yes. The point of this rule is to avoid reposting ‘old’ plugins that are already available for Sponge :wink:

I’ve been porting one of my plugins from Bukkit to Sponge the past week or so. I have posted a WIP post, though it’s not available for download yet. My WIP post has a small number of replies, does that count as a userbase or am I good to go? :slightly_smiling:

Perhaps the wording is a bit unclear. We’re not looking to force people to create plugins from scratch with every competition but we are looking for people to not submit popular/widely used plugins. We want fresh plugins that don’t have much of a history in the Sponge community. If your plugin is WIP and/or is not adopted by many server owners then you are free to submit it.

I will amend the wording in the rules later this evening.

It certainly isn’t widely used in the Sponge community. Though it is widely used in the Spigot community :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll be participating then ^^

I’ve amended the rules to be a bit more clear about which plugins are allowed to enter. :slight_smile:

[quote] * Must be a plugin that is one of the following…
a.) A new plugin.
b.) A plugin that is relatively new (no more than a month old).
c.) A plugin that is not that popular/has a small user-base.
d.) A plugin that is a port from another project (Forge, Bukkit, Canary, etc).[/quote]


If the majority of the plugin is written in Java, but some of the scripts are in Kotlin or something, is that OK?

No part of the plugin submitted may use this. The only exception to this is if your dependencies use it. We won’t review dependencies, just the core submission.

But why not Kotlin or Scala? I only do jvm stuff in Kotlin and Scala.

At what point will we be able to post entries into the forum?

Can’t you post here yet?

Most of those that will review the plugins wish not to deal with looking at an unfamiliar language. While we have nothing against the languages themselves we just prefer to keep it simple and straight-forward.

Kotlin is so straight forward that really everyone gets it. But I think in this competition it doesn’t matter because I haven’t seen anybody doing a plugin in Kotlin or Scala.

Altrough I am a hudge fan of just plain java. I don’t think it rly matters, language is just syntax. Anyone who can program can quickly jump arround syntax (except for C).

Another note, it would be nice to see how readable (or unreadable) these plugins would be.

However syntax takes time to adjust to depending on how different it is. In order to ensure that we are able to efficiently and accurately rate these plugins we added this rule to the contest. This rule was part of the first contest as well.

We appreciate all feedback given and will use it for future contests, however at the moment this rule still stands for this contest.

You might use groovy as it is often used in build.gradle files and they are familiar, comparatively.

No, you might not.

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