Updating Sponge's 1.7.10 Version

I am requesting that Sponge for MC 1.7.10 be updated to the new API so that way we can build super-modded servers with it. Almost all major mods that factorize MC arent updating, and if they even do, it wont be for a long while. Im no coder, so maybe the sponge API depends on a lot of things in MC 1.8, but if its possible I think you would see many more servers popping up using sponge considering Cauldron is unofficial and way outdated for 1.7.10. Yet many many people are running 1.7.10 due to the large number of robust mods for that version. For example Resonant-Rise (also the same as the yogspack), Feed the Beast, Sky Factory (best skyblock ever and my personal favorite!), and many other major modpacks still use 1.7.10.

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Sponge is 1.8 only, sorry. 1.7.10 was just a test build.


Ummmmmm you can download what im guessing is a very early alpha of sponge for 1.7.10 http://repo.spongepowered.org/maven/org/spongepowered/sponge/1.7.10-

That was VERY INCREDIBLY TEMPORARY while sponge was waiting on forge to update.
Since then many of sponge’s APIs and implementations rely on things Mojang did in 1.8. Backdating wouldn’t be worth the time (or possible in some cases).


Well then would it not be worthwhile in the interest of combining the strength of the server modding and client modding communities to make available a sponge version that supports a version of minecraft that allows us to have all of the mods the players love so much?

Mods should update to 1.8. That’s also the same message forge is saying.


1.8 has been out for nearly a year. It’s time for mods to update.


I just have a bad feeling that after months of having 1.8.x out now, no mods have updated or stated their plans on updating. And then when Minecraft changes major code again for entities it will more than likely be another hard update. I just hope minecraft doesnt lose its big name mod authors who reinvent the gameplay:

“JoeSchmo: Not to badger, but Im guessing most big time mods such as cofh will be skipping 1.8?
Phily: is 1.9 even planned ?”

@FerusGrim go ahead and remove/lock this thread my question seems to be answered. Updating the 1.7.10 version is most likely out of the question.

Its the same reason some mods are still on 1.6.x: devs refuse to update because it seems to mich work. But hopefully more mods will release a 1.9 build when the snapshotting starts again.

The forge mod creators dont want to update their 5000 java files with 2 incompatability all together. That’s all.

No reason to close it, really. Let the conversation blossom.

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Thats what mbaxter said too. Sorry for pinging you. Just seems like this isnt something feasable