Urgent help -Unnecessary commands

Title states all.

I’m using these plugins. I removed Nucleus because it’s permission nodes of nucleus.warp.base and home.base wouldn’t work, found out the error. Seems like that some plugin is providing these commands, overriding nucleus. I cannot figure out which plugin it is. Removed redprotect/griefpreventions/nucleus but no luck. Here is what the command looks like in-game:-

I also have access to /back.

Give Conflicting plugin commands? Look no further! Use command aliases! a read over to see how you can assign commands to plugin in case of a conflict.

I’m not sure what plugin is conflicting.

That article had the answer.

For example, say you want to use EssentialCmds version of /warp or /home instead of Project Portals. You would change the code to look like this:

Totally genius…Overlooked that simple fact.

You know you can disable Project Portals modules in the config. It’s recommended to prevent registering listeners that aren’t being used.

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Did that. Never would have imagined that ProjectPortals would provide something other than portals, that was my negligence

It actually started out as just a collection of teleportation features that used to be in Project Worlds. Partly my neglect for proper documentation.