Username Changes - They're Coming!

More of a heads up, an “in case you missed it”, Mojang plan to enable users to change their username/in game names on the 4th February.

If you run a server, it’s probably best to check that everything you run is UUID based, otherwise you might end up with some unhappy, newly renamed users who suddenly don’t have that perk they had before!


Well finally this is being done! Soon I can actually make my IGN match my forum name. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am afraid about this,… . My server is a 1.4.7 modded server. Mojang can say that this will not affect older versions. I am kinda sure exploits will pop up and I will find my server trashed again (1.6.2 auth exploit did that 9 times).

I don’t see how this won’t affect modded old servers. You might want to get a plugin or something that handles banning / opping / kicking / inventory via UUID vs. Name. Otherwise just keep good backups, keep at least one moderator on as close to 24/7 as you can get and hope whoever does try to trash your server is stupid enough to get caught.

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Lol, Moderators can’t hold up against this. They just look who the admin/op is. Join as that player. And ban the mods or just do their stuff without the mods seeing it. One of the teams who seemed to enjoy it, was team lixo… . Vanilla servers just had it easy with craftbukkit. It took ages until their came a fix for this, because its so old. Eventually some member of mcpc made a fix for it :smile:.


Woohoo. It’s about time xD I’ve been waiting for this.

That video… seriously. I see how this could be a problem for a little while, but like on my server if something goes bad a staff member will text me and I can put a stop to most things through ssh even if it means stopping the server, restoring a backup, manually banning the offensive ip addresses and even keeping it off until there is a patch.

Banning ip’s won’t make any difference :frowning:. Like if sponge forums would ban my IP now. I wouldn’t even notice it any more after a router reset xD. When username changes get up I simply will reinstall LoginSecurity again :frowning:. Its not worth taking the risk.

Same, My minecraft name is whatapigdoes…