uShop (Spigot) for Sponge

Hello! I’m making a request for someone to make the uShop plugin for Spigot in Sponge.

Currently, my server is using Nucleus and Pieconomy to fulfill this. Pieconomy lets me use modded items as currency, and Nucleus handles /setworth, /sell, and /bal. There's a few issues with this though, specifically from Nucleus:
- /setworth does not support NBT data, so you can't set sell prices for stuff like different kinds of dye
- I'm not sure what the issue with this one is, but sometimes I'll assign a sell price to an item and it doesn't stick. Immediately after assigning the price, /worth says it has not been specified

The Nucleus dev has made it clear that he doesn't intend to fix these issues, and the /sell functionality will be taken out eventually. This is why I'd like to request a plugin that would do essentially the same thing, but hopefully better.

Please let me know if you're willing to take on this project!

I should probably make this more clear, I am willing to pay for this plugin. Please DM me if you’re interested!

I’ll move this to the paid services section then.

Oh! Sorry. Thank you