Using LuckPerms instead of FTB Permission plugin (Help)

Hi there,

So I’ve recently started to play around with “spongeforge” and realised that the plugin ‘luckperm’ is available to use. My question is can I still use FTB Utilities (Mod for FTB) alongside ‘luckperm’ without losing some of the functionality that ftbutilities provides: eg home, rtp which have individual permissions for commands)

FTB Revalations: 3.2.0
SpongeForge: 1.12.2-2838-7.1.9
Forge: 1.12.2-

Currently Permission Plugin: ftbutilities
The one I would like to use: LuckPerm

Appreciate any help that I can get with this issue.


If FTBUtils is your permission manager, you may have to tweak some of it’s config options to allow something else (like luckperms) to do the job.
When Luckperms is running, you can use it to search for permissions being checked, using the lp verbose command. That can help you find the ones you need to grant to players. See the Luckperms wiki for more info.

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