[UTILITY] Permissions Writer

Not really a plugin, but it is for configuring plugins. Figured I can still post something like that here.
I’m basically gonna copy-paste my readme here.

Permissions Writer Utility

Making assigning all those hundreds of nodes just a little bit easier.

What is this?

The Permissions Writer Utility allows for modification and/or generation of permission files provided by a Sponge plugin, making it an easier task as opposed to manually writing values (and potentially screwing up the syntax of the configuration format).

Who should use this?

Server administrators or plugin managers who write the permissions of every user of the server. This is a utility meant to make writing those permissions easier. Of course, you’re free to stick to your hell of a text editor, if you’d like. .w.

How do I use it?

You will need Java 7 to use the program. TODO: actual usage instruction

Version History

  • v1.0 – To be released

Planned Features

See the issue tracker for any upcoming features. If you’d like to suggest one, you’re free to do so by filing a new issue!

If you have your own permissions plugin that you’d like this utility to add support for, please create an issue with the given template filled out.

(@FerusGrim made the basic template .w.)

Plugin Name: [name of your plugin, duh~]

Source Link: [the link to the source code of your plugin. if you wish to send this privately, please send me a message here on the forums]

Link to parsing documentation: [the link to whatever tells me how your plugin parses its configuration, including the file format (e.g. YAML, JSON, etc.), and any special reading it does with the nodes]

Extra: [anything special your plugin has that isn’t in a basic permissions plugin.]

Currently to be supported extra features:

  • Inheritance
  • Prefix/Suffix definitions
  • Rank Ladder
  • [possibly something you suggested on the issue tracker here]

Providing the source code of the plugin alone as if it stands for all the information above will result in your issue being invalidated due to vague detail.

EDIT: change the table to a list

i cri evrytiem :frowning:

[b]Plugin Name:[/b]
[b]Source Link:[/b]
[b]Link to parsing Documentation:[/b] (Or, provide them below this application)

I thought I might provide a ready-made application template for you @Xemiru. :smile:

well I can’t really make usage instructions without being able to use my own program first; its not really functional yet as anything other than a commandless console program and just a pretty GUI.


and thanks; i’ll edit that in to the readme and the post .w.


this sounds cool.

So this is a permission finder?

Your welcome to look through the SubServers source if you’d like (I haven’t finished porting it yet, but it has the same permissions as SubServers for Bukkit) https://github.com/ME1312/SubServers.

The config format is HOCON, with the only special parsing being that the list of SubServers is sorted alphabetically and the lang.conf uses java escapes.

I’m not sure how the project relates.

But yeah, this sort of counts as both a permission finder and a file writer. I haven’t made any progress with this for a long time though; busy with other projects. I’ll probably get back to it soon.

What do you mean by that?

I was following the template @FerusGrim made

What template? Why was I pinged? ; _ ;

Did the first 4 posts not exist? whats going on here ._.

The post of mine that you’re referring to is a basic template to use if you want to add your own permissions plugin to the list of mods this utility supports.

According to the README.md for your plugin, it’s not a permissions plugin, but instead: a plugin that can host Mini-Servers inside your Minecraft Server.

I think you misunderstood what Permissions Writer does.

SubServer is indeed a plugin that can host Mini-Servers inside your Minecraft server. However seeing as it has some permissions I assumed your application template was to be for my plugin’s permissions to be included in the writer.

Maybe I misunderstood what the template was to be used for :3

This utility writes permissions files based on specific permission formats, thus the template is for permissions plugins.