Vanish No Packets

I’d like to see VNP be brought back to latest versions of Sponge.
Most Important Features:
Hidden from Commands like /msg etc
Hidden from Tab Completion
Hidden from bungeetablist (there is already bridge made for it)
Hidden from Showing up gray named in gmsp
Right Click Players to open inventory
Open Containers Silently
Don’t trigger pressure plates

Basically completely vanish. Nucleus vanish is mediocre to say the least and something better needs to be made for Sponge.

The issue is the Sponge API does not have any support for real vanish, therefore one cannot be created without going into sponge common or worse the dreaded NMS code. And one of the main reasons for sponges exsistence is to removed the use of NMS. So support will eventually come, but at this point in time, its not possible

Yes it does. Keys.VANISH

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Just going through ore and i did find this

year old without an update so not sure if those methods are still accurate with the latest versions of sf so not tried it.

Its for sponge api version 7.0.0 so method wise it will work on api 7.x.x

tested it. unfortunately no support for bungeecord so players can still goto the hub and see you’re in that server or use /glist

You can use a bungeecord plugin called “VanishBungee” that does that for you. So, you can have vanish that built into Nucleus or another plugin that offer vanish. Then use it like that you can have vanish ingame and use vanishbungee to be hidden from bungeecord as well.