Vanish via a permission node

I’m putting together a graylisted RPG server and I need a way to allow newcomers to spectate the server without interrupting the game for the other players. I would have requested a simple plugin to set a group’s gamemode to spectator on join, but flight and noclip could be an issue in my case. The invisibility and restricted interaction, however, are attractive features of spectator mode that I require to achieve the desired effect.

At present, I need a plugin that can vanish a player based on a permission node. It may be beneficial to others if the same plugin could grant flight and limit player interaction in world or in chat. As for me, I can do without flight and I can limit chat and interaction with other plugins.

I ask this as a favor as I believe it would benefit more than myself. Unfortunately, I’m not skilled in Java which makes the Sponge API documentation all the more daunting.

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