Vemacs Logo Design Feedback

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Im just going to go say, your design is simply the best… and has the most favs on it!!! hope you win :smiley:


I like this as well. Not sure about the spongey texturing, I like plain colors. Still, good job to the guy who made it.

i agree, but to me the logo is perfect, just choosing a design is the hardest part xD

but i’d definitely vote for @vemacs to win!

I quite like variants 1 and 3. I don’t really care much for 2. I think variant 3 of vemacs’s design might be my favorite of them all. There were some others I liked too, though, so I’d have to go back through them all to be sure.

I’d say that I like variant one the best, looks a bit closer to what sponge in mc looks like, and it would probably look a little better if it was shrunk down for the forum icon.

I like the first of the three, however I don’t like the typeface, specifically the “N”.

Yummy :blush:
This design looks simply amazing, but I agree with strad about the N. It looks like a Z rotated and almost like a lightning bolt to me (IMO)… But it actually looks like a really great logo. Especially the third variant. It looks like a piece of cheese… I could just eat it :yum:

Quite lie the last. But they’re all amazing!

The first one is nice. The block symbol of Minecraft and the Sponge S combines :slight_smile:
Just make a variant for white backgrounds, a flat versions (without drop shadows), and maybe a horizontal version

First one gets my vote. Looks the best, and the third just looks like cheese.

It’s a beautiful logo indeed but I don’t think it fits Sponge. Here’s why:

The typeface is a no go for me, a squarer, same-width font would make a better job. The overall finish of the logo doesn’t give off the vibe of a dev community, more less a game with blocky graphics from the 80’s.

It has issues too. When you design a logo, you usually make sure that it can work with a single color or in reverse, black and white, no shades. Take that from 6+ years of experience in graphic design. I can’t see that happening without taking out what makes its charm, the sponge texture. It would then look like a generic S logo, almost like the Suzuki brand.

On that, it’s still a beautiful design and I would not mind this being selected. I’d personally go with the first one, but with a much more vibrant yellow. :wink:

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Why not a creeper with a sponge texture?

I like the second one but it looks like cheese to much due to the holes (pores). Maybe if you gave it a little more sponge texture around the holes it would be better.