ViaVersion - Support newer versions on your server

:earth_africa: ViaVersion - Click Here to Download

Developed by _MylesC and Matsv for Bukkit / Sponge / BungeeCord

ViaVersion adds the ability for older servers to allow newer clients to connect.

@FormallyMyles - If you want to stay in the loop, or just love me.

Here’s a quick summary:

Just drag n drop and it should work. If you get stuck check out our Installation guide. (We promise it won’t take 3 hours to read!)

If you’re using it on BungeeCord, you want to install ViaVersion only on the Bungee (though you can choose to just install it on the sub servers and then not on the bungee).

Anything over $5 makes the list. (Donators are really awesome!)

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What versions does ViaVersion support? We support all versions above 1.8 on all platforms. (So on a 1.8 server, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 1.13 etc)

I can has 1.7? We have no plans to go backwards.

Can I use new blocks? No. Our aim is to provide compatibility and balanced gameplay.

Are you open source? Sure,

I get kicked for outdated client? Update your BungeeCord.

I get kicked for a weird issue? Use the discussion / issues on GitHub with the link from /viaversion dump.

Some people get kicked for sending too many packets? Change the packet limit in your config, more details here.

Help Docs - (Please read first!)
IRC Chat - #viaversion on
Discord Chat -
GitHub Issues -

Donate - It supports our project & development, a lot of people don’t appreciate the fact we put 100s of hours in per update for free.

Source Code -
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We’ve released version 1.0.0 which supports sponge and allows 1.11 clients to connect :slight_smile:


Is it possible to run this for a 1.10.2 server? we only run 1.10.2 and 1.11.2. We would like to use purpur blocks and so on in the lobby.

You can do this but you can’t use new blocks as we only support the same features as you’re server is running.

I keep crashing:


You’re using the wrong jar file, you use the same version for sponge / bungee / spigot.

Delete ViaVersion config and should regenerate with a working version.

Is there a link for ViaBackwards for Sponge?

The version 2.0 on spigot would support 1.9 on a 1.10 server otherwise the plugin is inactive due to mats having other things going on.

Works great for connecting to a 1.10.2 Sponge server using a 1.11.2 Forge client!
If your server is behind BungeeCord you have to use either Waterfall or HexagonMC’s fork, it does not work with vanilla Bungee and SpongePls!

We just released our 1.12 version (use link in main post)


  • 1.12 client support for Bukkit/Sponge/BungeeCord (Myself & Matsv)
  • Fixed entity metadata spectral arrow being inherited wrongly (Matsv)
  • Fix /viaversion pps after reloads bugging
  • Fix BossBars displaying incorrectly on BungeeCord after server switch (Matsv)
  • Remove unnecessary synchronising causing a deadlock in connection injector
  • Fix 1.10-1.11 causing invisible blocks - incorrect sending of tile entities
  • Fix mob spawners not displaying mob correctly on 1.11 (Matsv)
  • Fix items with 0 amount not displaying (KernelFreeze)
  • Fix hand item displaying incorrectly after join
  • Improve shield disappearing on 1.8 Spigot / Sponge servers (RaynLegends)
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Any way this could work with a sponge bungeecord server thats using spongepls?

Because adding it to a server doesnt seem to work(where a standalone server does). Or would this have to be done on the bungeecord side?
I only need it on my hub to work but sadly it doesnt.

Could you try just putting it on the bungee?

Ill try that when my servers are less populated as they are right now and will report back.

Putting is on my bungee seems to have worked (I joined with 1.11.2 into my 1.10.2 hub)
But I did get a weird error in my console perhaps you can tell me what is causing this:

Any ideas? this is driving me crazy

I just tried with no plugins on the server but via version, still does not work

@CamdenX There’s another guy with the same issue on GitHub here, if you’re able to help me as I can’t currently reproduce it. (Of course reply here if you don’t have a GitHub account)

I had too many “too lazy to downgrade to 1.11” so thanks for this plugin, it will be really convenient :slight_smile: