Video for Debugging SpongeVanilla and Plugins


A couple days ago I asked for some suggestions on what to document in videos and the suggestion was to look into SpongeVanilla debugging. But, I believe the request also involved some tutorial on how to do PullRequests (ie., how to contribute to the SpongePowered project in general, with SV as a precursor test).

I’ve done that. I have three clips so far.

I am ready to carry on with part 4, but I need some further suggestions on what exactly kind of Issue to document. I could for instance take an inventory of the GitHub issues related to SpongeVanilla or SpongeCommon and find something to (attempt to find something) to fix.

Then, part 4 of the series would be how to correctly branch, commit and push those to your fork of the repo and initiate the PR against the SpongePowered source repo.

Or… something else… Let me know. Where to go from here?

(These are almost a repeat of the same videos I made at a much slower pace for Plugin Development and Debugging, however this time around I skipped over the whole process of "how to install Git, how to install IDEA, etc…)

Comments welcome.

[](Part 1) Getting

[](Part 2) Building

[](Part 3) Debugging + Plugin