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I’ve only been playing around with sponge a day or s, and so far I love the concept and the work done on this! But I do have one question about something.

I do know that click events are available in sponge as well as /help showing that each item is a click event, but I do want to address a “clunkiness” feel to the general outlook… I mean.this


The underlining, is there a way to make this not seem so, well for lack of a better term “clunky”

Other than that I have no complaints, love how everything is working out so far! :wink:

Well, you could implement an /help command on your own :smiley:
Usefull for this would be the PaginationService ^^

There is an open issue for removing the underline, this should remove the overlap between lines

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Use BikeShedBetterHelp BetterHelp for 3.0.0