BetterHelp for 3.0.0

This is released under the MIT License, due to having significant amounts of the plugin borrowed from SpongeCommon.

What does it do? currently it removes the underline that people have been BikeShedding complaining about.

If you have any ideas of improvements that you would like added to BikeShedBetterHelp post them here and I’ll consider adding them.

You can find the latest releases @

Issue tracker:


I think there’s a ticket on github to fix the spacing issue with underlined text

There is, that’s why I made this plugin. I honestly doubt the team should ever fix it, personally I’m a fan of the underline, and not a fan of the petty arguments it was causing. So I decided Why don’t we have both

I will also take requests for features that might otherwise be missed or considered not core to Sponge, so at this stage while it might just be a formatting fix, I plan to add features + templates once the next version of the Text API hits.

Could you add a permissionless help option? Meaning if the person doesn’t have the permission to it, it won’t show up in /help?

The default sponge help already works that way as long as the CommandCallable registered implements testPermission correctly.

So it would be up to the permission plugin I’m using or the plugins themselves coded to make it be removed from help without the proper permission?

If the plugins are using CommandSpec (the easy way to create commands) they just need to add .permissions(“example.command”) to their CommandSpec.builder().arguments(…).build() builder chain.

If they implement CommandCallable themselves, they need to implement testPermission themselves.

If the plugin does this correctly, and it’s still not working, either it’s a bug in sponge, or the player really does have permission for the command (maybe they are opped and the permissions implementation gives them the permission?)

I see what my issue is. It’s showing the world edit ones because I’m using Forge World edit. Alright thank you for helping

Looks good. Thanks for this small Plugin.
I would have preferred to sponge but this is also a solution.

Hm, I wonder if there is something I could do to help with this… Got any ideas? Blacklisting commands from forge mods from appearing or mis-behaving plugins is exactly the sort of feature I’d consider if you have any rough ideas on how it should work.

Make it so it breaks down the first help page into plugin categories. Then when you click the plugin it will give you the commands for just that plugin! :smiley:


That would treat me so right you have no idea

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I’m waiting on text templates to take this further, that way you can configure it yourself to how you would like it to look and feel.

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  1. How do I jump to any page? For example, something like /help -p 10. There is /page command, but it’s useless without internal UUID.
    Edit: I figured it out. It’s “/page page 10” for viewing page 10. (Though UUID was non-optional parameter… I dunno what’s up with that)

  2. How do I get help for child commands? Like /help mycmd add, or /help mycmd admin purge.

For example, for this command tree:
mycmd ├add ├change │├name │└coords └remove
“/help mycmd change” should display grandchild commands “name” and “coords”, and “/help mycmd change name” should display description.

  1. Also, is it possible to display all aliases for given command?

Doesn’t seem to be working with latest version of sponge. :frowning:

I’ll fix it up within the next few days, thanks for the show of interest. I’ve been concentrating on getting my ore mockup done lately.


I cant get the plugin to work

It’s very out of date at this point.

maybe add full configurability? so /help can either send the normal command or it could send a configurable message.

config ex.

Default: False

- ‘test1’
- ‘test2’
- ‘test3’