Void World Generator

I’ve been sifting through the plugin resources here for awhile now and one thing that could be incredibly useful to many (IMO) is a void world generator plugin, similar to ClearRoomGenerator for Bukkit. I’m not sure if this had already been developed but the closest thing to this is available in a plugin called ProjectWorlds but the author seems to be rather inactive and the world generating command does not work. If anybody could create a solution to this that would be most appreciated by many.

Inactive? What would give you that idea? I just pushed an update like 2 or 3 days ago. What specifically isn’t working?


Just to add to this, Sponge API5 actually has it’s own void generator. you just need to enable it.

inside your world.conf

# World Generation Modifiers to apply to the world
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Related note, You can use /world create in PJW to create void world by adding the flag -m sponge:void

I actaully didn’t realize Sponge added a void modifier. I’ll probably remove the one in my plugin in a future release. No need for two.

I wouldn’t remove yours if you have people using it already, unless there is some way to migrate them over.

Good point. Should be simple enough to migrate worlds over. I’ll set something up

What would be the full command for this, I can’t seem to get it right, thanks.

/world create <name> -m sponge:void

Followed by

/world load <name>

Sorry for the late replies, got an error when using the first command, I’m using the Sponge 5.0 Pre-Release version - Screenshot - ab6bbbfb8173fb9b6b8cda4295d8c8ef - Gyazo

Looks to me like you have a command conflict with another plugin. You using an essentials plugin such as EssentialCmds, Nexus or Nucleus?

Yes I am currently using Nucleus

OK Nucleus is modular so there should be a way to disable the /world command. Either that or setup command alias

I’ve been trying to do this since you posted but whenever I create an alias or disable the world command through Nucleus, it just goes to the error: Unknown command after I do /world. Is this right? Screenshot - 94d7f57226c5614a6c1d0212c00487e9 - Gyazo

Do you actaully have ProjectWorlds installed. Run /sponge plugins see what comes up

Yes it shows up perfectly.

Pastebin your server log

Startup: http://hastebin.com/wofusahowa.vhdl

Your using the pre-release of ProjectWorlds which is built for Sponge 5.x. You need the release version for Sponge 4.2.x


@TrenTech for what it’s worth, I think the sponge:void was introduced in API5, so wouldn’t they need both Sponge 1.10 and your pre-release?

Or use Sponge 1.8.9, the standard release of project worlds, and use “pjw:void”

Yeah. I’ve already pushed updates to the pre-release. Any worlds loaded with the pjw:void modifier will be migrated to the sponge:void modifier. Thankfully because void modifiers are about as simplistic as modifiers come, server owner will notice zero impact.