Vote for fly


does anyone knows a plugin that makes that when someone votes he gets a certain amount of flying and each vote gets him more minutes



You can quite easily do this using LuckPerms

/lp user {name} permission settemp true 4d accumulate

This will add 4 days to the current amount a player has every time it’s run, you can do the same for a group, if you so wish too.

Hope this helps,

~ Alice


So then, to actually answer the OPs question, @yepidoodles, your solution requires the use of a voting plugin that can be configured to run a command on that player, and then making that luckperms command be the customized result of the voting.

So now he just needs a suggestion to a voting plugin that has this ability…


that i know the problem is to make it so that when times run out the player fly will be automatic disabled


No, you’re missing the point about that - luckperms will take care of making the permissions be temporary only for a duration of time, allowing them to fly and then revoking the permission from them when the time has expired.


You’re actually missing his point. He wants a plugin that detects when a fly permission is removed from a player and disables fly mode if they are in it when the permission expires. This has been requested on the Nucleus issue tracker but the problem is that there is no generic event that permission plugins can fire when a permission is updated in API 7.x, as I explain here, and I don’t think there will be for API 7.

In effect, he wants a plugin that will listen to the LP events specifically and disable fly, if that player is flying at the time, when that permission becomes false.

I don’t want to add plugin specific hooks into Nucleus if I can help it - but this is requested enough that I might create a companion plugin for Nucleus-LP integration, though my time is extremely limited right now and so I can’t really promise anything on my end.