Vote Party Plugin?

I am looking for a Sponge plugin that gives every player online a customizable reward when the votes reach a specific amount. The only one I have seen is BaconParty but the ore project has been deleted. Any help?

Not used it myself, but have you looked at

No, but I don’t see any vote party features there… only per vote rewards. I wanted a plugin that gave a large reward to everyone on the server at a certain amount of votes. I did manage to find one on Curseforge but it bewilders me that something like that on Sponge isn’t updated. Vote parties are extremely popular on Spigot and used to be a thing on Sponge a few years ago.

Unless you commission it (which most of these devs who do sponge-related plugins charge ridiculous amounts for things, some do, not all) there arent many plugins like that on sponge anymore. most devs have either stopped mc deving all together or moved onto other platforms

I personally develop plugins and dont charge for it, but im currently full on projects so I agree with @VinceOrlando on this

I did find a server side mod on Curseforge called SimpleVoteRewards that offers per vote rewards, vote parties, and even a lucky vote feature. It took me forever to find, though.