Votifier not working

For plugin specific problems its best to post the issue on the plugins issues page (shown at the top of the plugin page) or if there isnt one then post it on the plugins page.

If you mean this votifier then its built for sponge api 5 and hasnt been updated since, so it won’t work nor will you get support for it.

There is another votifier plugin for sponge I found with API 7, but the github sourcecode package doesn’t match the one in your error.

I use api 7
Could you help me try to find what one i need?

That plugin requires API 5 which is Minecraft 1.10? The sponge builds for that MC are a lot less stable then the current version of sponge. Not to mention that by going API 5 you won’t be able to use more modern plugins, the catalog of plugins for API 5 is much smaller compared to API 7.

Your best of not using that plugin, but instead an alternative

Sorry to be a bother but do you know any that work?
Ive searched around for a good while and that was the only one i found to have worked.

This is the other one I found. While it does say that it is a spigot plugin. There is a sponge section on there github full of sponge code. I havent looked too much into it but it looks like the plugin will boot on sponge too.

I personally use the unoffical SeriousVote version (Even though I use AurionVoteListener)

It’s listed on here:

I got Serious Vote and i got an error still