Voting crates plugin?

I’m looking for a plugin where players can vote an receive a key for voting which they save and upgrade the key to the next tier an open chests in a GUI an win things from them? I’ve seen HuskyCrates and GWM Crates but I can’t find anything fully on how to set them up? can anyone point me in the right direction?

First time trying to fully set up a server so it’s a little confusing.

Hey there,

I personally recommend TeslaCrates, however, if you’re new to making servers, it will be quite confusing to set up a plugin as complicated as a crate plugin. I’m sure all 3 of the crate plugins will have extensive wikis listed on their pages, and probably have discords you can join to get specific help too. Let me know if you need help locating the wikis or need help with anything specific :slight_smile:

I’m going to try an sort out TeslaCrates, is it able to give keys for voting so people can open whichever chest they get a key for? I just don’t understand the coding to the configs even after reading the wiki’s an trying to watch videos honestly; I spoke to a guy last night on one of the discords who said “it wont be that hard” but when you’ve never touched anything like this before it’s obviously confusing…