Voting plugin / GUI

I’m looking for a some what setup plugin for a GUI which has crates and other stuff, so the idea in mind is a GUI for rewards, players on the server get keys for voting for the server which are different tiers to open different tiers of crates an if they collect say 4 of whatever tier key they can right click it to upgrade it to the next tier to open the higher tier crate and so on? if that makes sense, I’ve seen it on a server and I’ve asked for their plugins but obviously they refused to give me that information so I’m looking for someone that can set it up for me? I have screenshots and the actual server it is on if needed.

I’ve set the same thing up myself on my server using Tesla Crates, nuVotifier and SeriousVote.
The only issue I have is setting up the GUI (I have the Virtual chest GUI “somewhat” setup with the layout) it’s just the crates plugins send things to the chat which I don’t want like Husky Crates says you was given an key etc which I don’t want and Tesla Crates says you received a key with the Tesla Crates tag next to it instead which I don’t want as I’d rather it just say the reward for Serious Vote.

I’ve tried looking on Fiverr to see if anyone can make something for me an what the price would be but everyone says they only work with Spigot an Bukkit etc…