Wait... did I get it right?

Hello guys!
This is my first post in the community, but I have to say that I’ve been following you for many weeks, and I recognise that what you are doing, is just awsome. Let me turn philosophical: it shows the “beauty of internet”, how members of many differents communities can work together in order to archive a common goal.
First of all, I’d like to explain how am I and what am I doing here: my name is Pitazzo and I lead the development of a sci-fi-roleplay-sever. We have been under developing for more than a year because we want to get the best possible result, and in order to do that we decided much time ago to use a combination of Bukkit and Spoutcraft. FAIL! Both softwares in combination are nowadays quite unstable and codding with them was a quite big chaos; they just didn’t worked well together and now they’re completly obsolete.
In this situation, we have decided to throw away all our work related with spoutcraft and bukkit, including or huge private main plugin, and start (once) again with something new: Sponge. :smile:

I’ve been reading all the avalible documentation, FAQs and guides that I’ve found, in order to understand the project in the right way, but I’ve always worked with just bukkit plugins, and things like Forge, MCP or Glowstone are new for me. I just want to explain waht I’ve understood, so you can tell me YAY! You got it, or no, you didn’t understand anything; in any case, I don’t want to offend anyone with noob questions, I’m just I overwhelmed with so much information. Let’s start:

"Sponge is an API that can work in a Forge server as a mod. It will be the way to create something similar to the bukkit plugins, for example, with Sponge we will be able to “play” with events (for example, changing how much damage is dealed in a DamageEvent). Moreover, Forge allows you to create custom stuff like blocks, items or armors, which have to be stored in a mod, that is located in both client and server sides. By the way, Sponge will be Forge-stuff friendly, and for example, it will capable to check in which type of custom block are you standing".

Did I get it right? Once again, I don’t want to offend anyone, I’m trying to do my best to understand so many thing! Thanks for reading!! :wink:


Welcome! As far as I know you did it right. That was by far, the most through Hello post I’ve seen on here. The only bad thing I can see here is… Why is it in Sponge Discussion? .-.


I moved it to feedback and suggestions (since I think this would fit better in general discussion, and it is after all feedback). @Pitazzo You definitly got that right. :trollface:

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It sounds like for what you said, yes you got it right. But because I like graphic models and was a bit confused by a few words in there, here’s this:

SpongePowered is developing:

  • SpongeAPI - The tool used for making plugins.
    • GitHub - SpongePowered/SpongeAPI: A Minecraft plugin API
    • Same core idea as Bukkit. Not actually the same as Bukkit. Rather, a lot of things are very, very different.
    • Available on a Maven repository (I don’t know the actual repository URL). Recommended to compile plugins with Gradle, but I use Maven for everything.
  • Sponge Implementation - A Forge coremod which will use the API and be able to load Sponge plugins.

If you want to contribute, go to the GitHub page and submit some pull requests :wink:
The GitHub page is also the place where the developer discussion takes place.

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If only all new members would put that much effort into their first topic… :smile:

Welcome aboard!

this could be the stanrard quote for the “what is sponge” question!
Very well explained :wink:


I like how you edited just to add smileys! :smile: