Wait how does IPv6 now work on minecraft?

I was messing around and suddenly this worked:

Its also an older client.

Anyone an idea :stuck_out_tongue:? I remember it was giving parsing errors for about 3 years and now suddenly it works.

You may have been using @BitByte.exe


Minecraft has been able to employ IPv6 since 2010-2011. It’s just buggy.

But then again, without native support on the host system, any IPv4 <-> IPv6 translations are… troublesome.

Can confirm am become @BitByte.exe. I hacked @thomas15v’s server by pinging him till he gave me OP. :trollface:

I was thinking on a A and a AAA record just in case :stuck_out_tongue:.

I personally broke the op command in this server jar :stuck_out_tongue:. So good luck with that xD.

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Lots of applications and new computers all have IPv6 capabilities, however IPv6 hasn’t been implemented officially for the entire internet due to the sheer cost of the upgrades. Just ask Japan how much of a pain using IPv6 is in a world that is only IPv4.

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not at all?<jlkhgy

So your saying that in japan everyone has a IPV6 address an no ipv4 address? Because here I have both addresses :stuck_out_tongue:.

Although it is funny that every house has 64 ipv6 addresses, would be so much easier for these beginning minecraft server owners. NAT is a pain to use.


Japan tried to switch to IPv6, but it failed so hard they had to switch back to IPv4. You have both kinds of addresses because computer manufacturers are getting ready for the switch to IPv6.

I had both IPv4 & IPv6 on my laptop, but I had to disable IPv6 due to networking issues because Win 8/8.1 dislikes IPv6.

I use IPv6 with 8.1 all the time… No issues at all…

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Its a hit or miss kind of thing, if for some reason one day your computer is insistent that you have no internet connections (wired or wireless) then disable IPv6 - otherwise if it’s working for you I’d leave it alone because to disable it you have to edit the registry.


Oh comon, registry editing is fun!