Wanting: Sponge Based floAuction

Requesting a plugin based on floAuction and would be fully functional, with little to no bugs.

This would also include a marketing system like GlobalMarket, a two-in-one plugin, or simply two separate ones.


Sounds like fun. This would likely be hindered by the fact that no part(s) of the Inventory API have really been implemented yet, but I could take a look at it.

Indeed, a great and fun challenge. If you do thanks, and I appreciate your response. I am leaning more to the floAuction sponge plugin, as that’s something that could be extremely helpful and used by many servers in the future. As no good current auction plugins exist, and possibly adding WhatIsIt as well, or a type of it. Being that floAuction depended on that plugin to register items being sold in the current auction.

Actually the Player related inventories have been implemented from what I’ve seen.

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CustomInventories haven’t. However, I’m thinking of making mBay (eBay) (for both Sponge/Bukkit).

We can make special requests for plugins with no bugs? Cool…

Little to no bugs, I understand almost everything has bugs.

Hi ProfessorOak,

I am one of the people who maintain floAuction. I happen to know Flobi personally from my playtime on the AerialHeights MC server. One of the issues as of a few months ago with porting Flobi’s plugin is that FloAuction depends on another plugin called WhatIsIt. When I tried to port WhatIsIt to Sponge, I ran into some issues with the player object not having some necessary functionality.

I will read through some of the docs and see if I can finish the port.


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Thanks, I was aware of the WhatIsIt/floAuction dependency.
Hopefully you can reply on the status if you can port it!


I am in the process of porting it now. It will take me a while. I am not totally certain that it can be ported, but I have some of the code working.

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I understand, and if you do get it ported, I thank you.

So here’s an update.

I think I have figured out how to get the /wis command from floAuction ported over. From what I recall, the inventory functionality from /wis was what floAuction depended on to work. The problem is the /wit command. I don’t think floAuction used any of the functions associated with /wit. I will need to look over Flobi’s code again to be certain.

Here is a link to what is giving me issues with /wit:

At the moment, I have a HOCON config file with block and item names. Will have to begin working with the Data API. I have never done this before, so it may be a while before I can get something working for you. I will try to get something up in the next few weeks. I am really new to the Sponge API, so I am learning everything from scratch.


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