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WarCraft MC

WarCraft:Minecraft is the attempt to recreate something like WarCraft:Source / WarCraft:GO in Minecraft

All races are completely made up by the races.conf that defines the skills, perks and everything else.
Take a look at the example race or wiki pages to see how it works.

Command Summary

/racelist - Show a list with all races
/raceinfo <race> - Show more information about a race, reachable from /racelist
/racemenu - Spend skill points on your current race
/changerace <race> - Change your race, reachable from /racelist
/spendskill <skill> - Spend a skill point on the nth skill of your race, reachable from /racemenu
/ability1 - Use race ability 1
/ability2 - Use race ability 2
/ability3 - Use race ability 3
/ultimate - Use the race ultimate

Permission Summary

wc.race.list - allow /racelist, /raceinfo
wc.race.change - allow /changerace, /spendskill
wc.race.menu - allow /racemenu
wc.race.ability1 - allow /ability1
wc.race.ability2 - allow /ability2
wc.race.ability3 - allow /ability3
wc.race.ultimate - allow /ultimate



### The following settings define when and how WarCraft is active

# This list contains all the worlds WarCraft will NOT be active in
# This is a blacklist by world name to make it run out of the box
# Next you can set a permission that is required to take part in WarCraft
# using plugins like LuckPerms you can add permissions to worlds instead of
# using the World Blacklist or using a plot-like plugin that handles permissions
# you can add small save-zones (it's untested how well save-zones would work)
# Leave this at null if you do not want a permission to be required

### The following settigns define system internals and how certain features are handled

# XPHandling may have one of three values and determs how to work with the
# Minecraft XP System:
# IGNORE will separate the WarCraft XP-System from the Minecraft XP
#   - this will work the best
# REPLACE will replace the WarCraft XP-System with Minecrafts System
#   - Collect XP orbs to level up
# REFLECT will replace the Minecraft XP-System and display the 
#   current WarCraft XP in the progress bar
# any other value will prevent the plugin from loading correctly!
# Currently REPLACE is buggy because I can't figure out a exp orb pickup event :/

# In IGNORE and REFLECT mode the xp gained are calculated by 
# [damage inflicted to entity] * [global multiplier] * [entity type multiplier]
# The following setting define the global multiplier and the multiplier
# per entity type catalogued by Sponge
XPmultiplierGlobal = 1.0
# This map specifies a multiplier per entity type
XPmultiplier = {
	"minecraft:chicken" = 0

# ManaHandling defines how mana is working
# By default mana is the player food-level. If you're getting annoyed by this 
# you can change this
# Values for ManaHandling: FOODLEVEL, BOSSBAR
# This value is active if ManaHandling = BOSSBAR
# Set the ammount of mana a player spawns with. This is a formula that allows
# `level` as the players race level as parameter
# This value is active if ManaHandling = BOSSBAR
# If you want to regenerate mana over time (as food may not provide mana in this
# mode)
# you can set the amount of mana per half second here
# This value is active if ManaHandling = BOSSBAR
# You can put one consumable item type here that, when consumed  will additionall
# restore the configured amount of mana, leave ItemType empty or set it to null
# to disable this
ManaRefill = {
	#The Type of item you want to use, leave empty or set this to null to disable this
	#The required datavalue. datavalue is a magic number, for potions it can describe the
	#potion effect, 0 is a uncraftable potion and thus I thought it would be fitting
	#The ammount of mana a potion is supposed to restore.
	#This is a formula that accepts random and level as parameter
	#Hint: random is a value from 0..100
	#The time it shall take for the mana to be refilled.
	#This is a formula that accepts the previously calculated amount as parameter
	#If this value is 0 or less the amount will be given instananeously

The race definition file is only an example, detailed description on how this config file is structure will follow soon™

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A new version has been released for WarCraft MC, it is available for download here.

Fix an Issue where events would pull racedata for players that do not have a race assigned.


I’m looking forward to trying this out! And hoping to see this project grow :+1: