Warden Newsletter #4

# Warden Newsletter #4


Welcome to this weeks newsletter! We have some exciting news coming up super soon! So hopefully you’ll stay in tune for that coming up soon!

:closed_lock_with_key: Today’s Topics :closed_lock_with_key:

#1. Weekly Warden Check
#2. Recruitment/New Members
#3. Questions for you, or us?

###Weekly Warden Check

We don’t have a specific check this week. Instead we’ll have an open section. Simply post a question about a check that we might, or might not have implemented, and we’ll feel free to answer it!

###Recruitment/New Members
While we do have some new Web Design people we still need one more person! In order to keep continuity we’re not going to tell who got the position until we decide on all three positions. So go fill out our form!

Web Developer
However the core part of development is important, we also want to set up a base of operations for all things related to Warden. While we will still try to outreach to the communities as often as possible the goal is if you need something Warden, you can get it here. You should be experienced with both front-end, as well as back-end development.
Amount needed: 3
Apply Here: http://goo.gl/forms/ghg91TJQAJ
(If your the one of the people who applied last week, no need to re-apply).

###Questions for you, or us?
First we have some questions for you! We suck at naming, so we’re asking you for some ideas on a name for the group of WardenAC (and possibly other security applications in the future)!

Anyway leave your questions for us below! We’d love to hear them! We have something very big coming up soon! So stay in tune!

Why are these all getting new topics instead of just creating new posts on a Warden topic?

We’re following the same sort of format as Soaked-UP. I was actually creating the master thread now.

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Doesn’t this call for a community based “News Post” Forum?


Because it’s a plugin, why not just make a topic, then post replies to that topic for every edition to that newsletter.