Web-API [v4] - AdminPanel & RESTful web server [now with screenshots!]


A new version has been released for Web-API, it is available for download here.

  • Add support for custom keystore passwords
  • Add support for X-Forwarded-For headers and proxies
  • Add tons of new data views (almost all DataHolders are now supported)
  • Fix player json not being simple when in list
  • Fix an issue with EnderIO
  • Update to AdminPanel v0.5.2
    • Add enchantments to item stacks
    • Make inventory collapsible
    • Add more infos to player, entity & tile-entity views
    • Improve information on map view
    • Fix sentry/raven not working


A new version has been released for Web-API, it is available for download here.

  • Add client libraries to readme
  • Fix causes not serializing correctly
  • Properly reload whitelist, blacklist, allowedProxies and keys on reload
  • Add censored commands to exclude certain commands from being recorded. Fixes #55
  • Update to AdminPanel v0.5.3
    • Fix notifications not working sometimes
    • Add better config tree view
    • Fix sentry version error


You are motivating me to get back on my server !


Hello, Valandur! Your plugin is a very cool tool. Yesterday I install this plugin, I control my server from my smartphone now, this is really cool thing.

I have a proposal. Language localization. Make a language file, migrate all messages injected to program files, to special language file. I see your files in plugin, messages integrated to various files directly. These messages replaced to some variables. In language file these variables to be assigned a value. For example, strings from assets/webapi/admin/static/js/main.5235d84f.js file:

MsgPluginsHeaderTitle=“This section of the admin panel is not yet completed”




[some other language?]

This file must be in a UTF-8 code page. Some peoples from various countries send to you a language sections. You insert these sections to this language file. In setting section make a new parameter - “Language”


This is a very great idea, and I’ve added translations to the AdminPanel. They will be released with the next update, but since I’m very busy it might take about 2 weeks or so.

If anyone is interested in helping, the translated strings can currently be found here on github. English and German are mostly done, I will start doing French as soon as I can. Any help/languages is/are greatly appreciated.

I’m looking forward to the next update - it’s gonna be a big one :smiley:


Wow I must be really noob… But how do I access the adminpanel? I dont quite understand where it is?


Hi, sorry for the late reply.

If you add the plugin to your server, you can access the admin panel at http://localhost:8080 or https://localhost:8081 from your server. I recommend setting up something like apache or nginx as a proxy for that address.

If you don’t want to do that you can edit the config/webapi/config.conf file on the server and change the host to but only after you edit the config/webapi/permissions.conf file to change the default permissions


I’ve created a Russian translation file on Github (ru.js). Have you seen it?


A new version has been released for Web-API, it is available for download here.

  • Implement changing plugin configs
  • Add documentation for WebBooks
  • Fix crash in command servlet when not sending a command
  • Fix block operations not completing successfully
  • Fix WebBooks and HuskyCrates api endpoint permissions
  • Update to AdminPanel v0.6.2
    • Added i18n support
    • Added English & German translations
    • Added Russian translation (thanks to Lantcoder)
    • Added json editor for plugin config files
    • Editing & saving plugin configs now works
    • Improved menu layout
    • Add various external links
    • Split code into multiple files to improve load times
    • (Lots of internal changes)


A new version has been released for Web-API, it is available for download here.

  • Fix async executor being a sync executor
  • Use async executor during startup for improved performance
  • Show most recent changes when an update is available
  • Add partial support for aikar timings
  • Fix updating world and entity from non-main thread
  • Remove RedProtect and Nations integration (they are no longer maintained)
  • Update HuskyCrates integration
  • Add UniversalMarket integration
  • Disable default permission keys, require permission keys to be at least 8 characters
  • Update to AdminPanel v0.6.3
    • Fix creating entities not working
    • Add new logo
    • Fix some menu display issues
    • Prevent crash when item stack has no data attached
    • Add UniversalMarket integration


A new version has been released for Web-API, it is available for download here.

  • Add server stats using oshi
  • Fix player advancements webhook not working
  • Fix error reporting not working
  • Update swagger documentation
  • Add more aikar timings
  • Update to AdminPanel v0.6.4
    • Add chart with cpu load, memory load and disk usage to dashboard


A few notes about this update

  • I will release a documentation about how to set up the AdminPanel externally (on a webserver) and make it connect to multiple Web-APIs soon, probably this weekend. The functionality is already there!
  • I know that RedProtect has been updated, and I will add back the integration for it as soon as I can (probably during next week)

A new version has been released for Web-API, it is available for download here.

  • Don’t count OPTIONS requests in rate limit
  • Allow configuring the Access-Control-Origin header sent in responses
  • Don’t show the AdminPanel link after startup if it isn’t activated
  • Update to AdminPanel v0.7.0
    • Allow running the AdminPanel externally of the Web-API
    • Support multiple servers in one AdminPanel
    • Add language selection to login form


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