Website troll or bug? VS

With www

Without www

The background image is different!

I believe it changes everytime you visit the website. It’s a feature, not a bug.


Yup. I agree with @Gater12, I get different pictures as well when I reload. Seems more like a feature than a bug.

But if connect with ‘www’ dons’t load the image :open_mouth:

I think sometimes the image fails to load regardless of the url. Try ctrl f5 and it should load.

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The image never loads for me…

I think it has something to do with The webpage seems to be waiting for it to, proabably the backround/splash image.

Thread should be closed. We have a new site. Moderators?

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Please, people, stop necro-posting. Nobody said anything in here for a month. There is absolutely no reason to even ask for a close. It’s already “closed” by the discussion stopping.