We're now on CrowdIn

Due to lots of support and agreement from the current crowd, we have decided to move translations to CrowdIn! All of your hard work has been transferred and you can resume translating right away. CrowdIn has numerous advantages over Transifex like being simpler to use, having a better GUI, and having better translation tools. It is also what Minecraft uses for its translations.

Please see here for the project link:


Happy Translating!


This should make translations a lot easier! Hola/Guten tag/Konishua!

Blimey. When I went to sleep Transifex was still in use, I wake up and the revolution has happened.
I have to admit, CrowdIn looks a lot easier to navigate. It even has the new language Pirate English

All aboard, me hearties, this ship be ready to sail.


@Inscrutable ah, I’ve already started translating English to Pirate, I’m the head of the Pirate Speak SpongeDocs translation project!

I’m so proud! My mum said I would never amount to anything, but look at me now!


We may need to do some rebuilding of the Translation teams, as the Transifex instance is now archived. The nearest equivalent of a Reviewer (TF) is Proofreader in CrowdIn, and the next rank (Manager) seems to be global. Some promotions are in order, it seems.
Many of the original TF translators are yet to make the move, too.

cough cough pirate speak translation lead, CrowdIn user is sam4215 or sam4215mc (I forgot which)

@Inscrutable update the description of this category maybe? Link to CrowdIn opposed to Transifex?

Arrrrrr, it be done, matey.

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