Were UUID's A Mistake?

In My Opinion The Convert To UUID’s were a mistake, what do you think?

We need a way to have player information that doesn’t change.


I’ve known quite a few people who would want to change their name. Especially if they put their age in it or numbers or if it’s just generally embarrassing. On another note, passing around UUIDs rather than personal usernames or emails through packets is probably more secure, and a more predictable format to transfer/encode and generally handle. It’s also somewhat more formal to have a definitive ID to define a player, just to conform to standards, somewhat like how Bukkit was trying to deprecate “Magic values” prior to dying.


I don’t think you would have a problem if UUIDs were implemented right at the start, but that is besides the point atm.

I think UUIDs are a good idea. The main reason for their implementation was the name change (as far as I know anyway). Before this, names were pretty much the unique identifier for players, however without UUIDs or some other form of unique identification, then name changes wouldn’t be possible. Regardless of how many people you know that like their names, or wouldn’t dream of changing them, there are people out there who would like to change their name.

In my opinion, UUIDs are good, we should have them but they could have implemented them earlier. Then again, better late than never.



  1. Name Changing (An admin changes name… A player takes over that name… Player gets admin…)
  2. Unique Identifier instead of a name which can be (POSSIBLY) changed.
  3. More security when sending packets

One advantage that I can see is that you can safely use a player’s UUID to verify that they are… well them.

If a server switches to offline mode for a little while (e.g. auth servers borked) and someone logs in with an admin’s name then their UUID will be different (just a hash of the name iirc) and thus shouldn’t be able to do anything bad if plugins go by their UUID and not their username.


UUID(Universal Unique IDentifier) means that our UUID is always the same.Never changes.
We had UUID’s before but they just weren’t so used or however you want to call it.

We used Usernames to identify players.Since the addition(witch will be coming soon) of changing your name It’s quite easy to track or find players by a Unique set of letters and numbers or there UUID then by a name.

This is true.If a Admin is called GymMonkey and a player is called IHasYourServer and GymMonkey has op but he hates the name GymMonkey so he changes it to FlyingCatWillEatU.Here are 2 reasons UUID are good here:

  • The admin doesn’t have to get rid of a rank on the name GymMonkey and give himself.The server detects the UUID
  • The player might try but the owner doesn’t have to worry because the rank and op is given by the UUID not by the IGN(Username).

Of course UUID is a good act, well, in a player’s perspective.
The reasons are too obvious so i’ll just skip this part.

My idea is that, UUIDs are annoying.
If you wanna let your server support UUIDs, here are some things that you should consider:
You have to update all of your plugins that save data depending on players’ name.
Phew, some of the plugins will not get up-to-date right? Well then, some of them will not work then, bad for you, bad for players.
Do you use lockette?
Okay since we are pro admins, it is time time to modify some permission/statistics/save-data files by ourselves! Let’s take a look at those player files… Damn it I cannot read.

Well since UUIDs had already taken place, but we are still not able to change our names. In general, my thought on this UUID thingy is:
False alert.

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Just just like it is with the SteamID, the simple problem was that they waited to long and I still don’t et why they didn’t implement it right at the beginning…

because they’re being implemented for the pure reason of name changes, then of course every plugin developer [within their right mind] will update their plugin to support UUIDs, hell will probably remove right off the bat support for the playername identifiers (except for converter versions and/or programs).

updating the plugins is part of your job as a server owner; maybe not yours specifically but its one of the things you have to do. not wanting to do that isn’t something you can blame the new UUID implementation for.

modifying permissions shouldn’t be so hard since you should be using more group-based permissions than you are using user-based permissions; and if you are, then that’s just counterproductive of the system. and in the case that you actually are, there’re likely gonna be converters for that too.

the name changes are coming. they already implemented the UUIDs, now they just need to add the name part if they haven’t already.

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To be honest, from a developer perspective, UUIDs are awesome. We no longer rely on name matching or name impersonating. UUIDs are opposite of the problem you’re assuming. Once, we assumed that player names would never change. That changed. UUID’s are not only for players though! Entities also have UUID’s, which mean we can also use that to our advantage when it comes to identifying a particular entity in the world, regardless whether it’s a player or not.

Being able to identify a specific entity with a persisting id is a marvelous thing for developers to take advantage of.


oh my god entity specific ids
i forgot about that ohmygodthisisglorious

An addition is the same with the staff rank, but donater’s will also keep their rank.

They should have implemented them at the start of the game, but I guess Notch didn’t assume Minecraft would get that large.

Well… actually alot of people were young when they picked their name, for instance i have a friend called
‘Nubie105’ he wants it changed… many people MANY i tell you, wanted the name changed so they requested a feature alot agreed and it was planned. They gave UUID’s a time from when it was released to NAME Changing (Sposto be january 2015) later so most plugins and such are compatible.

I will Never change my whovian name, never

Well… IMO, UUIDs are one of the best things that ever happened to Minecraft.