WetSponge API - Develop plugins for any Server Version (Spigot & Sponge)

Start coding your plugins for any current server platorm and upcoming ones without having to look on how to apply NMS or difficult API things!

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What is WetSponge?

It’s a whole new and powerful API for developers to let them make their plugins compatible with Spigot +1.8 and Sponge +1.9 Before you think that’s it, it also gives a new powerful system to call for Spigot events, optimizing and adapting to Java8 some of its methods.

If you are interested you can help us with the project, you can make any Issue or Pull Request to WetSponge git. All the issues and requests will be taken in consideration to let this API grow up extending minecraft community to its limits as long as we maintain an easy and powerful tool to experienced and new developers.

What is it done by now?

Right now you can do almost anything within any version, from adding commands to create listeners or tasks. You can take a look at our Example Plugins to check how you can start coding and you’ll find that it’s really easy to start using this API.

What does it lack?

Well, we haven’t finished coding all the current events so it’s not fully usable, at least not with largest project, but we will implementing all the events within the next two weeks. Also, if you want to you can try coding them by yourself or if you see another thing we lack or can be optimized don’t doubt to create an issue, answer this post or make the modifications by yourself and then send a Pull Request.


I do enjoy your cute logo and I wish you good luck with this project as it is quite ambitious, but I have to point you to this rule from Forum, Discord & IRC Rules — Sponge 7.2.0 documentation

Please don’t include Sponge in your plugin name. We reserve the use of Sponge for official SpongePowered works. There are two exceptions: You may append “for Sponge” to the title if your plugin also has versions for other APIs, and you may use Sponge in the title if your plugin primarily concerns the Minecraft block “Sponge”.