What are you working on?

Are you developing a Sponge plugin or a tool/library related to plugin development? Show me :wink:

My Projects:

Several private plugins for a server I’m developing, and a Warps plugin: https://github.com/BlockLaunch/SpongeWarps

Sorry for the unformatted link - I’m on my phone right now

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I am working on these projects:

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Working on a complete rewrite of TheDotPack. I’ll upload it to github when it has a fair amount done.

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Several Forge mods for 1.7.10 as well as a private mod pack.

I haven’t been working on code lately (mainly because I’ve been waiting for sponge to be near complete) However I have been working on music if that counts.

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The best 1.7.10 pack ever TM

Preparing our server to move from 1.7.10 to 1.8.4 and waiting for one of our key plugins to update…


Working on:
[API] AccountApi - A simple Api used to collect player information

School :stuck_out_tongue:
Cryogen is pretty much my top priority other than that.

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Working on a simple Java game library:

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Several private server plugins, and ModScript, which is a remake of ModDamage written in scala.
I plan on dropping support for ModDamage once it is made, however due to little time I have been getting to work on projects. It may be a little while.

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I’ve been prototyping a new game concept:
Maybe prototyping isn’t the best word, I literally just started this yesterday. Also, details won’t be released quite yet (I often drop projects shortly after working on them :/).

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Using LibGDX?

A distributed cron service written in Erlang. And exams :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep. Simplifies using graphics (I can never seem to get those to work otherwise) and such.

Some Screenshots of my plugin workspace wizard:


This looks very nice.

Nothing MC related other than Sponge.

This one is mostly complete.

This one I just recently started.