What computer do you like

write down your favourite computer
it can be a laptop

    !!                         !! \
    !!                         !!  \
    !!                         !!  !
    !!                         !!  !
    !!                         !!  !
    !!                         !!  !
    !!                         !!  !
    !!                         !!  /
    !!_________________________!! /
      !_______________________!/ )
    ________________________    (__
   /oooo  oooo  oooo  oooo /!   _  )_
  /ooooooooooooooooooooooo/ /  (_)_(_)
 /ooooooooooooooooooooooo/ /    (o o)
/C=_____________________/_/    ==\o/==

my own…


The best computer I can get my hands on :stuck_out_tongue:

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i want a razer blade pro

Custom > All


My computer best computer (jk not rly)

But to be specific I like my HP Envy 15 :wink:

My custom one is the best I own, if I ever upgrade I’ll just add parts to it. Not gonna buy no alienware :stuck_out_tongue:


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Please be civil guys, and respect each other’s choices. I know that computer preference can be a heated discussion. :wink:

That said, I use a Mac notebook for everything I do every day (yes, including software development) and have used *nix for the past few months. Hopefully over the summer I will get time to install and dual-boot a Linux distro on my notebook as well (figuring out drivers is a pain a lot of the time, especially for the newer MacBook Pros, one of which I have).


Razer Christine

Seriously, so hyped for that.

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Granted, it might be a bit overpriced given that its coming from razer (I base this off the price of their accesories, I do love them though), but it does really look awesome.

i use a mac and its ok

razer cost a lot of money and also apple
so witch would you buy
razer or apple

where can i buy project Christine when is comes out

i love razers computers

Please do not post like that. Put all of your comments in one post and @mention anyone who it is directed to. Also, if you come up with an idea after you do the post just press the edit button and add content to the original post accordingly.


I like my custom build (nothing special) Ubuntu computer. Never had a (hardware) problem with it :smile:

However I need a better graphics card (currently have a Radeon HD 7770 OC, planning on getting an nvidia) and processor (currently have an i5, like to have the i7-3770k as it has the same socket).

anything originpc